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LAWS OF NATURE by Phiya Kushi Back

©The Macrobiotic Guide - December 2005


The Natural Laws of Life and Change

I think that one of the most seriously misunderstood aspects of macrobiotics is the “Laws of Nature”
(also known as the “Order of the Universe” or the “Unifying Principle”).

Part of the problem lies in the fact that these laws have always been presented within the context of macrobiotics and therefore are seen only to apply to health and dietary practices. However, the intentions of George Ohsawa and his followers like Michio were to introduce something far more profound than just a classification for food and healing.

First, one must remember that Ohsawa originally introduced these ideas in the early 1930s when the atomic age was just beginning. The science and philosophy of the West dominated the world. Thus like missionary Catholic forefathers from before, Western leaders colonized the world in the hopes of liberating the unenlightened Oriental and primitive cultures with rationale scientific thought.

Japan embraced such views with wide open arms discarding tens of thousands of years of ancient traditions that were much older than anything developed in the West. This new scientific world view was based on Newtonian physics and the linear logic of Decartes. Einstein’s idea of relativity was still theoretical.

Before Einstein’s “E=mc2” matter was considered matter and energy was energy and the . . . . more>> LAWS OF NATURE

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