Saturday, 17 March 2007

Apologies for the Crimes of History

This is extraordinary!!

HNN Articles

Virginia Apologizes For Slavery, Now It’s Congress' Turn By Earl Ofari Hutchinson
Turkey should follow Germany's example ... and deal with its history By Daniel Goldhagen
Brown University Taking Heat for even Considering Slavery Reparations By Alan Power
Japan Is Finally Facing the Issue of Slave Labor in World War IIBy Minami Norio
Europeans Were Sent to U.S. Internment Camps During WW II, too By Michelle Malkin
Neither Britain Nor Russia Could Have Saved the Warsaw Uprising By Eve-Ann Prentice
Germany Demands Apology From Queen For Wartime Air Raids By Luke Harding
Total War And World War II Raids On Dresden By Johann Hari
Knights Templar Ask Vatican For Apology By Ruth Gledhill
King Juan Carlos Snubs Moorish Plea For Apology By Isambard Wilkinson
Does the Vatican Owe an Apology to Muslims for the Crusades? By Robert Spencer
The Roots of Japan-Korea Conflict By Alexis Dudden and Mark Selden
A ‘Sorry’ excuse from Cochrane By William Raspberry
Poland apologizes for damage troops inflicted on Babylon
Japan's Atomic Bomb Victims Complain that Their Government Still Neglects Them & Refuses to Take Responsibility
Korean WWII sex slaves fight on
Decades After Abuses by the Japanese, Guam Hopes the U.S. Will Make Amends
Japan apologizes on WWII anniversary
Koizumi Apologizes for War; Embraces China and South Korea
Why Japan Has to Keep Apologizing By Gavan McCormack
Japanese Textbooks, Koizumi, Sex Slaves & the Nightmare of Nanking By Rhawn Joseph
Czech govt apologizes to victimized anti-Nazi German
After Decades, Latin American Nations Focus on Rights Abuses
Company admits slave history
The Strange Record of 15 Years of Japan-North Korea Negotiations By Gavan McCormack and Wada Haruki
U.S. Apologizes in WWII 'Gold Train' Case

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